Here at Her Campus, we are the authority on college women, or as we like to call them, collegiettes. A collegiette is a college woman who is on top of her game– strategically career-minded, distinctly fashionable, socially connected, academically driven, and smartly health-conscious, who endeavors to get the most out of her college experience on every level.

Her Campus launched Her Conference in 2012 to help college women get the insights, information, and inspiration they need to conquer their campuses and their careers with confidence. While the cornerstone of Her Conference programming is media and journalism-focused, content has spanned a wide array of industries including marketing and advertising, politics and diplomacy, business, health and more. Filled with keynotes, panels, workshops, fun activations and giveaways, Her Conference is the action-packed, can't-miss event for the empowered young woman.